Meet the Team: Anna Renna, Sales and Construction Coordinator

Anna Renna serves as Bonadelle Neighborhoods Sales and Construction Coordinator and after 32 years of working at the company, it’s safe to say that Renna is an expert at what she does. Renna plays a vital role in the homebuying process and acts as the company’s ‘control center’. All paperwork, design options, and contracts go to Renna’s desk. She is there for the homeowner from the beginning steps all the way to the end of the process when she makes the new homeowner baskets with the keys inside.

Over the last few decades Bonadelle Neighborhoods has played a role as both Renna’s employer and extended family. When Renna started working at Bonadelle Neighborhoods her daughter was only seven months old. When her daughter grew up and joined the work force, she worked at Bonadelle Neighborhoods. Renna’s family ties with Bonadelle Neighborhoods don’t end there. Her son and his family were recently house hunting and ultimately chose to live in a Bonadelle Neighborhoods home.

Having been hired by JB, Renna has seen the transition of roles between him and John Bonadelle. More recently, Renna has also experienced the beginnings of the next transition within the company with John Anthony and Bianca Bonadelle and Tyler Pryor joining the Bonadelle Neighborhoods team. The perspective and experiences Renna has gained over the years maker her a vital employee to Bonadelle Neighborhoods.

Q: What about the company has made you want to stay here for so many years?
“I love that they are family oriented first. JB would close the office during the Christmas/New Year’s Holidays so we could be home with our families. I never had to miss a school event, awards, cross country meet, soccer, basketball games for my kids or grandkids.”

Q: What has it been like to see the transition between generations of families working for Bonadelle Neighborhoods?
“I love, love, love seeing the kids, John Anthony, Bianca and Tyler Pryor grow up and take part in Bonadelle Neighborhoods. My daughter also worked here as a receptionist for a few years.

Q: What about this company do you believe sets it apart from others in the industry? Renna: Bonadelle homes have been around the Fresno area for years, they are a quality-built home at affordable prices.

Q: What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?
“Knowing that these families have made a very important purchase and now have a new home that they can take pride in. My son just purchased a Bonadelle Neighborhoods home in Bella Vista in Friant. His family loves it there and that makes me happy.


Meet the Team: Cindi and John Dewey, Sales Counselors at Canyon Creek

Potential homeowners who walk into the Canyon Creek welcome center will be greeted with the friendly smiles of Cindi Hargrave and John Dewey Miles and will most likely be offered a fresh cookie and a plethora of candy. To both Hargrave and Miles being a sales counselor at Bonadelle Neighborhoods doesn’t mean just selling houses, to this team it’s all about building a community, and they want every person who walks through the welcome center doors to feel at home within the community. From the very beginning of the homebuying process new homeowners will experience the confidence this team has in the company they work for, the knowledge they both have in the product they are selling, and the support they offer each new buyer.

Hargrave has sold homes in nine different communities over the last 10 years that she has worked for Bonadelle Neighborhoods and has simultaneously built friendships with her buyers while the company builds their new dream home. For Miles, Canyon Creek is the first Bonadelle Neighborhoods community he has sold at after being hired three months ago, and he is looking forward to the next communities he will sell.


Interview with Cindi Hargrave:

Q: What is your favorite thing about this job?

Hargrave: “Seeing what was once a dirt field become a community, watching the kids riding their bikes, families taking evening walks, and new mothers pushing strollers. Knowing that in some way I have helped make this possible.


Q: What about this job surprises you?

Hargrave: “The many close friendships and personal relationships that I have been blessed to make with my buyers that have continued even after I have moved to another community.


Q: What about the homebuying experience do you think is the most important thing for potential homeowners to know?

Hargrave: “Do not lose sight of the dream of becoming a homeowner. It is possible and all they have to do is start the process and give us an opportunity to make their dream come true. Bonadelle Neighborhoods strives to make a prospective buyer into a homeowner from the very moment they walk into our welcome centers.  We figure out a way to sell them a home, even when they aren’t prequalified. That is the dream that Mr. Bonadelle had when first starting his company, for everyone to attain the American dream.”


Interview with John Dewey Miles:

Q: What do you believe sets Bonadelle Neighborhoods apart from other builders?

Miles: “I did not grow up in Fresno, but I have a decent social circle since I moved up here. Everyone knows Bonadelle Neighborhoods, even up in Coarsegold. Bonadelle is family owned business and there is something to be said about that. It is more personal from an employee and homebuyer position.”  


Q: What about the homebuying experience do you think is the most important thing for potential homeowners to know?

Miles: “The most important thing is the confidence they will get when they buy a Bonadelle Neighborhoods Home.”


Q: What is your favorite thing about this job?

Miles: “My favorite thing about this job is handing the homeowners their baskets, you can never quite anticipate their reaction.”






Meet the Team: Daniela and Amanda, Sales Counselors at El Paseo

It’s been a year since Bonadelle Neighborhoods hired Daniela Ataide and Amanda Lopez and within that year both have sold at several of our communities. Currently, you can find Ataide and Lopez at El Paseo welcome center working on paperwork and finalizing purchases for El Paseo development.

When it comes to buying a house, both women emphasize the importance of purchasing a home from a local homebuilder – it’s also the reason why Ataide and Lopez applied to work for Bonadelle Neighborhoods when the job opportunities arose. To them, choosing to buy from a local homebuilder means exceptional customer service that is only a short drive away, employees who are ready to help, and a reputable history in the local community. Ataide and Lopez strive to make the homebuying experience as exciting and easy as possible and hope to show all prospective homebuyers what sets Bonadelle Neighborhoods apart as the Valley’s local premiere homebuilder.

Interview with Dani Ataide:

Q: Why should someone buy from Bonadelle Neighborhoods?

Ataide: “I think it’s important to buy from a local builder, Bonadelle Neighborhoods, who has been building quality homes in the Central Valley for generations, takes pride in providing exceptional customer service from a team of supportive and knowledgeable professionals, offering peace of mind to buyers by streamlining the entire process of purchasing and building a brand new home.”


Q: What about the homebuying experience do you think is the most important thing for potential homeowners to know?

Ataide: “I think it’s important for potential homeowners to ask questions when unclear on anything pertaining to the purchase of their new home, be patient and understanding of the many variables with a new build and understand and trust the process during the build and loan processing time.”



Interview with Amanda Lopez:

Q: What is your favorite thing about this job?

Lopez: “I enjoy people and paperwork (I know that’s weird). I enjoy checking items off my lists, makes me feel accomplished. I enjoy the people I work with and that everyone has an open door even the main bosses.”


Q; Why should someone buy from Bonadelle Neighborhoods?

Lopez: Bonadelle is a local builder. Their corporate office, lending, title company, and most important warranty department are all within driving distance. You’re not going to get the run around with answering machines or email you can speak with us face to face.


Meet the Team: Jeff & Kate, Sales Counselors at Harvest

This Team Member Tuesday we are introducing Jeff Nermon and Kate Leonard, our sales team at Harvest at Riverstone. Jeff has been with Bonadelle Neighborhoods for almost ten years and has worked at nine of our communities! Kate joined the company almost two years ago and worked at the Canyon Creek welcome center before coming to Harvest.


Both Jeff and Kate have unique perspectives on Bonadelle Neighborhoods homes because both have lived in them! They go beyond the position of sales counselors and can understand the needs of every Bonadelle Neighborhoods homeowner, being one themselves. It is evident that both Jeff and Kate stand behind the quality we strive for and are eager to help homeowners find their own home sweet home. Make sure to stop by Harvest and meet this experienced team!


Interview with Kate Leonard:

Q: What led you to work for Bonadelle Neighborhoods?

Leonard:After moving back to California, I knew I wanted to work for a local builder with roots in the Valley and understood the needs of the community. From my very first interview, I could sense that everyone on the team really enjoyed their job and was treated like family. I also grew up in a Bonadelle home in Clovis and could personally attest to the quality of homes we build.”


Q: Why should someone buy a home at Harvest?

Leonard: “Harvest is a great option for anyone who wants to be a part of Riverstone at an affordable price. The Central Valley has never seen a community of this size with resort style amenities before and I think it’s really exciting to be a part of this brand-new concept.”


Q: What is your favorite thing about this job?

Leonard: “So many of our homeowners first come to us initially wanting to buy but not really thinking it’s within their reach. My favorite part of my job is helping people understand it is a possibility for their family and the steps they need to take to achieve this dream. I really love seeing the joy on my client’s faces when they receive their keys!”



Interview with Jeff Nermon:

Q: What led you to work for Bonadelle Neighborhoods?

Nermon: “The opportunity to work for a family business where you don’t have all the layers.  Prior to Bonadelle Neighborhoods, I worked for a couple of national builders, where you are just a number to them.”


Q: What makes Bonadelle Neighborhoods communities unique?

Nermon: “Knowing firsthand with not only having bought a brand new Bonadelle home myself, but also compared to other builders, quality and value stand out.”


Q: Why should someone buy a home at Harvest?

Nermon: “First, Harvest is the most affordable in Riverstone.  Second, being able to be a homeowner in a community that is all about being a part of something bigger.  The sense of community and the comradery you just don’t get anywhere else.”