5 Ways to Get Ready for Spring


Spring Forward Inside Your Bonadelle Neighborhoods Home! 

Did Daylight Savings catch you off guard? Don’t worry, we have your back. Get your home in tip-top shape for Spring with our simple to-do list! Get started…

  1. Spring Cleaning

Get the family together, and work as a team to clean your Bonadelle Neighborhoods home, top to bottom. From the garage to the backyard, and every room in the house. Go through all your old clothes and your children’s old clothes. You can organize a garage sale for the Spring, and they’ll find out hard work pays off.

  1. Change the Batteries

Smoke alarms are lifesavers, but only if they have working batteries! Keep your family safe from a house fire by switching out the old batteries and replacing them with brand new ones. (Recycling tip: don’t recycle your old batteries just yet. Chances are, those batteries still have some power in them! Find a child’s toy or TV remote to suck out the last bit of power).

  1. Check the First-Aid Kit

As we Spring Forward in the year, we move towards summer. With summer comes scrapes, bumps, stings, etc. Be sure to check your first aid kit against the Red Cross checklist, and buy the necessary items to be fully equipped for an accident.

  1. Switch out the Light Bulbs/Air Vent Filters

Check the light bulbs in your home to be sure that all of them are working correctly, and replace any burnt out bulbs. Air vent filters also need to be replaced before the warmer months. Make sure you buy brand new filters and swap out the old ones to ensure your AC will work properly. (Please remember to take the appropriate safety precautions while dealing with electrical items, such as turning off the lights while replacing light bulbs.)

  1. Outside Facelift

Yard maintenance is a major must-do in the spring! First, check to make sure your sprinklers are working properly. Double check that your window screens are still able to do their job, and don’t have gaps or holes in them. Lastly, don’t forget to clean out your gutters! These outside chores may be a bore, but they will keep your home in good condition.

Need a little inspiration? Take a look at our Pinterest board for ideas on how to decorate your home for Springtime!