Back to School Tips by Bonadelle Neighborhoods

back to school

Shop for Supplies

Shopping for school supplies can be fun! Let your kiddos pick their own backpack to get them excited for the first day of school. If you’re a Bonadelle Neighborhoods homeowner at the Grove, Sierra Vista Mall in Clovis is a great place to shop for back to school.

Fun picks:

  • Find a new stylish backpack! 
  • Make sure they don’t lose their writing tools with a cute pencil pouch. 
  • Look for erasable color pencils and markers to make art projects easy to draw and clean up.

Create a School Work Station

Living in a Bonadelle Neighborhoods home means you have plenty of room for a school work station. Whether it’s in your child’s bedroom or a rollaway desk stored in the dining room, it’s important to dedicate a space for homework. 

Fun picks:

  • Grab a dry-erase calendar to keep them on track.
  • A lap desk or lap desk pillow makes it easy to do homework anywhere.
  • Buy a Rolling storage container to keep their supplies organized

Prepare Weekly Lunches

Set a routine to make weekly lunches and teach your little ones how to pack their own lunch. Some things you can prepare at the beginning of the week to save time in the mornings! You might want to help them the first few weeks until they catch on and master the routine. 

Fun picks: 

  • Pick out a new lunch bag.
  • Find an insulated water bottle to keep your drinks warm or cold.
  • Buy water enhancers like Crystal Light Pure or Stur to keep them hydrated with tasty flavors. 


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