Bonadelle Neighborhoods Holiday Tips 101: How to Keep Your Decorations Clean and Fresh

Filling your house with Christmas decorations is a great idea – until the decorations start collecting dust and other germs and you’re left with a tricky cleanup. With the holiday season always so busy, no one wants to waste precious time figuring out the best way to dust their nutcracker. So, to help alleviate some of the holiday stress and make your cleaning shorter and easier, we’ve listed cleaning tips you’ll want to remember for all the holiday seasons to come. 


Use a Small Brush to Clean Fragile Decorations

Decorations like delicate family heirlooms and nutcrackers usually are in the most need of dusting. It can be tricky to clean out all the dust behind the nutcracker’s mouth, or without damaging a fragile heirloom, but a small brush can help with this job. We recommend using a makeup brush that is small and soft for dusting decorations like these.


Your Plush Decorations Can Go in the Dryer

Plush decorations are great to use when you have a home filled with children, but they can get dirty after being out for several weeks. Luckily, plush decorations are dryer-friendly! Simply place your decorations in a mesh bag and in the dryer for a quick and easy clean.


How to Clean Your Stockings

No one wants a dull and dirty stocking hanging from their fireplace mantel for all to see. If your family has needlepoint stockings try using a vacuum to freshen them up a bit. If your family prefers knit stockings, hand-wash them to brighten up their colors.


Cleaning Greenery

Adding greenery to your home gives it a cozy feel, but it also can make it much dustier because it collects the various particles in the air. Regularly dust your greenery with a large damp brush to clean it up. If you have decorated with real greenery, don’t forget to spritz with water after dusting. 


Tree Skirt Stains

It is inevitable for your tree skirt to collect a few stains over the holiday season from tree sap and footprints. Immediately take care of the stain once you find it – the longer the stain is there the harder it is to get out. Always use cold water and blot the stain (never rub) to prevent discoloration from happening.