Meet the Team: Tyler Pryor

The Bonadelle family isn’t the only family working at Bonadelle Neighborhoods. Dean and Tyler Pryor have been a hardworking father and son team within the office for eight years. Bonadelle Neighborhoods was Pryor’s first employer after graduating from Fresno Pacific University and the company has had a unique opportunity of watching him grow from a recent college graduate into a young professional. When Pryor first started with the company, he joined the sales team and was mentored by his father, Dean, and John Bonadelle, who passed down their knowledge from JB to him.


After eight years of working as a Sales Counselor, Pryor recently transitioned to Loan Officer at Premier Mortgage Inc. where he helps Bonadelle Neighborhoods customers find the right loan in order to purchase their dream home. Pryor’s years in sales paired with the mentorship he has received from both his father and John Bonadelle makes him the perfect fit as a Loan Officer. Bonadelle Neighborhoods is excited to watch Pryor continue to grow in this new position and looks forward to many more years of working alongside the Pryor family.


Q: Please provide a little background on your journey to working at Bonadelle Neighborhoods.

Pryor: “I was born and raised in Fresno,Ca.  I went to high school at Clovis West and ended up graduating from Fresno Pacific University.  All I did growing up was play baseball and go to school.  I was very fortunate that my parents never missed one of my games, from T-ball all the way through college ball.  With my dad being an important part of Bonadelle Neighborhoods, I can’t thank the Bonadelle family enough for giving him the flexibility to share in all of those experiences with me.  I have grown so much as a person in the last 8 years with Bonadelle Neighborhoods and can’t wait for this new chapter with Premier Mortgage,  Inc.”


Q: What made you want to follow in your father’s footsteps and work at Bonadelle Neighborhoods?

Pryor: “I was in my last semester of college and wasn’t sure what direction I wanted to go.  Without my knowledge, my Dad had spoken to John Bonadelle about making me a part of the sales team.  Caught off guard, they offered me a job with Bonadelle Neighborhoods and I thought it would be a great opportunity.  Bonadelle Neighborhood’s has done so much for my family, I knew I was in good hands and that it would be the best decision for me moving forward.”


Q: What is it like working for a family company alongside your own family members?

Pryor: “Being able to work alongside my Dad and the Bonadelle family for the last 8 years has really been an eye-opening experience.  The Bonadelle family has some of the hardest workers I’ve ever seen.  You don’t really know what to expect starting a new venture but seeing everyone work together to make sure the company runs as smooth as possible is something really cool to see.


Q: What are some of the most important things you have learned from your father and John Bonadelle about the homebuilding industry?

Pryor: “John takes a lot pride in his sales skills he learned from his father.  He always has good sales tips and he knows every aspect of the homebuilding process, which he is never shy about passing along.  My Dad and John form a great team.  They understand each other and always seem to be on the same page.  The homebuilding industry is always changing, but the foundation of Bonadelle Neighborhoods is as consistent as ever.”


Q: What has the transition from Sales Counselor to Loan Officer been like?

Pryor: “I have always been a numbers guy like my dad.  It’s been a very smooth transition from new home sales to lending.  I love helping people find a loan that works for them.  Not every loan is the same, so helping borrowers understand the differences and make decisions based on that is something I really enjoy.  I pride myself in being someone people can trust.  Getting a loan is a huge deal, so having someone you can trust guide you through the process is a very important thing.”


Pryor’s NMLS #: 1924385


Meet the Team: Dean Pryor, Chief Financial Advisor

Dean PryorOver 40 years ago, a young professional with a background in finance and a degree from California State University, Fresno applied for a job at John Bonadelle Sr.’s (JB) company, Trend Homes. Dean Pryor got the job and immediately earned the position as the number two man to JB, who mentored him daily. This would be the start of a strong business relationship between Dean Pryor, and the entire Bonadelle family. When John Bonadelle joined the company a few years later it was the perfect team – JB led as President, Pryor worked as Chief Financial Officer, and Bonadelle was Vice President. Together the team built hundreds of houses and played a paramount role in building out the Central Valley.


Today Pryor still holds the CFO position at Bonadelle Neighborhoods, manages the accounting department, and acts as the Sales Administrator where he reviews and approves every sales contract for the homeowners. He is also the managing partner and broker of Premier Mortgage. Over the years Pryor has had the unique experience of watching the generations of Bonadelle family members grow up and establish themselves as young professionals in the homebuilding industry. He has even had the opportunity to watch his own son, Tyler join the Bonadelle Neighborhoods team. Pryor is an invaluable asset to the company and a wonderful mentor to the younger generations.


Q:  At this point you have now worked with 3 generations of the Bonadelle family. What has it been like for you seeing that transition?


Pryor: “When I started with John Sr. in 1979 I was 26 years old. I had a financial background but zero construction knowledge.  He put me in as the number two man in the company and was very patient as he taught me the business.  He had an amazing work ethic and a brilliant business mind. John Jr. came aboard, and it was my job to pass on what I had learned to him.  He has been great to work with. He has taken the very best parts of John Sr. and made the company even better. We’ve worked together for many years and we think alike.  John number three came a few years ago and he’s the smartest of all of us.  The company is in great hands with John, Bianca and I’m sure Mia to follow.”


Q: What are some of the most important things you have learned about this industry over the years?


Pryor: “Stay consistent. Treat others with respect.  There will be good times and bad times and you just keep working hard with the goal in mind.  Build a quality home at the best price you can.”


Q: What about this company has made you want to stay with it for so long?


Pryor: “I work with GREAT people!  A few I hired and they’ve been with the company 25 + years. The Bonadelle family has always treated me as part of the family.  We all share the same goals.”


Q: Why do you recommend buying a Bonadelle Neighborhoods home over another builder?


Pryor: “We work hard to build a home that our homebuyers would be proud to show off and we are local. Our homes have never been better than they are right now.  We stand behind our homes and we will be here when you need us.”


Meet the Team: Bianca Bonadelle, Communications and Public Relations Director

Bianca Bonadelle recently joined Bonadelle Neighborhoods as the Communications and Public Relations Director after having moved from Dallas, Texas. Growing up, Bonadelle was always interested in the family company and loved stopping by the corporate office after school to visit her father and mother to see what new project they were working on. As she grew older Bonadelle also became interested in other industries, specifically communications and fashion, but she always tried to find ways to relate them back to homebuilding and real estate.

Bonadelle pursued degrees in both Journalism and Fashion Media at Southern Methodist University and after graduation chose to start her working life in Dallas. Bonadelle worked as a publicist for an advertising agency that is the largest independently owned company in America. Working for such a large company, she had the opportunity to connect major companies and brands to the public through their messaging. While none of Bonadelle’s accounts were real estate focused, the exposure she received and the work tactics she learned are extremely applicable to our company. Bonadelle is excited to be back in the Valley working with her family and is looking forward to contributing to Bonadelle Neighborhoods’ success.


Q: How do you apply what you learned from your previous employer and college education to your position at Bonadelle Neighborhoods?

Bonadelle: I studied Journalism at SMU and I believe that my involvement in the extracurricular programs offered for journalism majors really strengthened every aspect of my communications skills. I was a reporter for SMU’s newspaper, The Daily Campus, as well as an anchor for the student run broadcast show, SMU Look. These opportunities forced me to become a better communicator both through written and spoken word. Communicating effectively is beneficial for any job, but I plan on exhausting these skills in my new position as it is a necessary element in my job description. After my first internship in PR I saw the importance of having strong communication skills and the overlap between Journalism and Public Relations. It made me want to be a publicist, and after college that’s exactly what I did. I worked on the public relations team for a major advertising agency in Dallas and really started utilizing the skills I had learned as a Journalism major for my job. I understand how to pitch a story to reporters and the best way to contact them because I once was a reporter for SMU. I understand how to effectively communicate a brand’s message to the public because of the skills I learned through anchoring for the show and conducting interviews. While the world of public relations is so much more than pitching reporters and brand messaging, I plan to use those strong skills of mine and apply them to this job like I did my last and I am excited to see the results it will bring to the company.


Q: How have you adjusted from working with a company of 800+ people to a family owned business?

Bonadelle: Having the opportunity to work for such a large advertising agency allowed me to work on some amazing accounts with businesses and non-profits that are well known around the country, and in some cases the world. Working on accounts like these required a lot of dedication, creativity, and diligence. Working for Bonadelle Neighborhoods really is no different. While we may not be known worldwide or have 800+ employees, we are dedicated to our work, we are creative with our floor plans, models, and advertisements, and we are made up of diligent employees who care about this company, the homes we build, and bettering our community. Adjusting to my new job with Bonadelle Neighborhoods was a fairly easy transition, although I am still not used to calling my bosses ‘mom’ and ‘dad’.


Q: How do you plan to use your position to advance the company? What specific goals do you have set for your position?

Bonadelle: My most immediate goal is to expand Bonadelle Neighborhoods’ presence on social media. Now more than ever people are relying on their phones to access news and learn about companies and I think it’s a great way to share our brand’s message of building homes for families to enjoy for generations to come. I think it’s an amazing thing to support our community by supporting other businesses and local non-profits and so I hope to get more exposure for our charitable contributions and partnerships. I believe it will in turn give those non-profits and organizations more opportunities to reach larger groups of people in the Central Valley. A long-term goal of mine that I hope to one day achieve is to land a feature in a major publication likes Forbes.


Q: What do you like best about your job?

Bonadelle: I love that I have the opportunity to be back in the Valley working with my family, pitching stories to the local news outlets, and sharing our company’s story with the community. Being able to carry on the legacy that my grandfather has left behind while working alongside my parents and brother truly is something special that I love being able to do.

Meet the Team: John A. Bonadelle

John A. BonadelleFrom a very young age, John Anthony Bonadelle knew he wanted to be involved in the homebuilding industry, just like his father and grandfather. To him, physically seeing the results that you are continuously working towards, like a new community that a few months prior was only a vacant field but is now filled with moving trucks in the driveway and excited families moving in, is unlike any satisfaction he could receive from another industry.

Growing up John A. would spend early summer mornings out at the construction site learning the foundations for how to build a quality home. After getting his realtors license in college, he eventually moved on from the construction site to the sales offices and began selling the homes that he once used to build.

John A. now acts as Bonadelle Neighborhoods Director of Operations, his responsibilities include locating, entitling, and acquiring undeveloped properties that have the potential to be valuable for the company. We sat down with John A. to talk more about his vital role in the company, how he plans on continuing the strong legacy his father and grandfather have built over the last 75 years, and his future goals as a young professional.


Q: Explain the process of finding an undeveloped lot and transforming it into a community that families can enjoy for generations to come?

Bonadelle: “I am more or less involved with every step from taking a vacant undeveloped property to preparing it for homes to be constructed on. This includes working with local land sellers to identify properties we feel can be created into a neighborhood that is appealing to both future residents and the surrounding neighbors; working with the cities to create an entitled subdivision and then ultimately budgeting for and developing a property into a future community. I also have a handful of other various responsibilities such as serving on our existing homeowner associations (H.O.A.’s) executive boards prior to us completing a neighborhood and the homeowners ultimately managing their own H.O.A.’s.”


Q: What made you want to return to the Valley after having lived in Dallas?

Bonadelle: “The Central Valley has always been home to me, and it is a great place to work and live. Central Valley residents are extremely friendly, honest and hardworking, which I very much value. From a career perspective, I have always wanted to work with the company and felt I could make a positive impact to Bonadelle Neighborhoods and the home buyers we serve.”


Q: How do you uphold the legacy of your grandfather and father in your everyday work?

Bonadelle: “My grandfather built a successful career and company off the idea of creating value by building quality, affordable housing for thousands of Californians looking to achieve the American Dream of homeownership. Over the years California has become an extremely expensive place to live, but despite this Bonadelle Neighborhoods still continues to create the opportunity for homeownership at an affordable price for hundreds of new homeowners each year. For instance, our Legacy Series communities are some of the most affordable first-time home buying opportunities in the entire state of California. These communities are being built in Clovis Unified, one of the premier school districts in California; Riverstone, a top master planned community in the country; and in northwest Fresno, an extremely desirable neighborhood. That is a tremendous level of value for our home buyers and they will see their value continue to grow as they live in their homes long term. Our Signature Series offers pool sized lots that are becoming increasingly rare to find in California and provide the ability for families to grow into their home and enjoy their own piece of California.


Long term, John A. plans on continuing to build homes with the same quality and affordability that Bonadelle Neighborhoods has offered for 75 years while also evolving and developing new floor plans.